How to maintain your figure through surfing


Most people can figure out that surfing is a good workout and a fun way to maintain their figure and shape. What they might not realize is that surfing requires you to be somewhat fit, to begin with.Like any other sports, you have to be fit to enjoy surfing to the fullest Of course, with proper exercise and physical training, you will be able to unleash your body’s full potential to perform your best on the East Of Maui Annapolis.

Surf Fitness

Surfing can look like it’s a lot of fun, but beginners will soon realize that it requires a certain amount of physical surf fitness. Surfing is an endurance sport to be sure. It takes a lot to be able to paddle out to catch the waves. Not to mention the strength it takes actually to stay on the board and ride the wave.

Then you get to start the task of paddling back out to catch another wave. It’s a cycle that repeats itself over and over, and that’s when you can manage to stay on the board. Falling off and getting back on the board can also take quite a toll on your body as well.

Surf Fitness – Muscle Groups

2222lkjSurfing will require the use of different muscle groups. For beginners, you’ll realize this if you overexert yourself. You may experience sore muscles in your arms, legs, and even torso. Surfing takes a lot of repeated muscle use. It may not seem like hard work the first time you pop up on the board to ride the wave, but do it twenty times, and you are sure to feel it the next day.

The same can be said for arms. Even if you do bicep curls or some weight training with your arms, you could still get some sore muscles. Paddling out on the board requires you to use a different set of muscles than what you use for arm curls. If you want to train for more strength to paddle you should do exercises that target your triceps and back muscles.

Surf Fitness – Endurance

Surfing requires endurance. For those of you just starting out, you may experience some general fatigue after surfing for the first couple times. This is less likely to be an issue for anyone who does general cardiovascular workouts such as jogging, running, walking, or aerobics.

333lkjIf any of these are part of your general workout routines, and you do them for twenty minutes or more at a time, it’s likely your body will be better equipped to handle the stress of surfing more readily than someone who doesn’t. Surf fitness will require that you constantly keep doing endurance workouts, whether by actually surfing or other exercises such as the ones mentioned before.

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