How To Select The Right Handbag For Any Occasion


As a woman, you always want to dress with the aim of having an impressive look and feeling confident of yourself. That is why you can take hours to choose the right outfit every time you want to go for any occasion. But did you know that handbags are among the most difficult accessories to choose?

A handbag is the main accessory to complete and compliments your outfit. No matter the occasion you are going for, knowing how to select the right handbag is essential for your overall look. With the multiple types of handbags available in the market today, you need some tips that will help you select the right handbag for your occasion. Unique bags offer more than just a fashion statement. This becomes even more challenging when selecting a handbag that you can use for any occasion.

The right handbag for any occasion

Body shape

The handbag should be proportional to your figutg3eyue7u28ei29o2re. Regardless of the occasion, it will be unappealing look to walk around the street with an oversized handbag hanging on your shoulder or arm. Your body frame should guide you on the size of handbag you select. General, your handbag’s shape should contrast your body shape. If you have a fuller figure, select a structured, square or rectangular handbag so as to get that striking contrast. If you are tall and slim, you can select large or mid-size handbags, but avoid very small handbags.


Decide whether you want to be practical or aesthetics. A handbag is an accessory that you cannot hide and therefore everybody you meet on the streets will see it. This means that you can use your handbag to make a statement in every place you go. If you are a beautiful woman, you should select an alluring handbag that will make people turn their eyes to you whenever you pass them.


An aesthetg23e6uye7u3e8i29o202tics handbag will have extra embellishments, decorative buckles, and tassels. On the other hand, a practical woman should go for a larger handbag with fewer frills. Therefore it is worth noting that aesthetics handbags usually have limited space and so will carry fewer items whereas practical bags are more spacious and can carry more items.


Select a handbag that compliments your lifestyle and style. If you spend most of your time traveling to different occasions, you should consider selecting a lightweight handbag. This will make it convenient for you to travel with your handbag easily to any occasion. A clutch handbag is also a good option especially if you are always attending occasions in public places and use public transport means.

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