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Top 5 expensive shoe brands in the Fashion industry

The Shoe Fashion industry has been constantly growing over the last couple of years.Here are some of the best shoe brands that you should look for in the fashion and design industry:

  1. Louis Vuitton

sexy-high-heel-shoes-brand-woman-shoes-fashion-high-heel-shoes-Women-s-Shoes-Free-shippingLouis Vuitton is one of the famous and top rated shoe brand that you can ever get in the market. When compared to many other brands in the fashion and design industry, Louis Vuitton is the number one shoe for men who need class and style. This should definitely makes it among the highly rated shoe designs in the market today. It cost $ 10,000 to buy a pair.

  1. Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik are women shoes that are stylish for those women who need to look trendy and modern. This brand of shoes are associated with celebrities and this makes it another expensive female shoe that you can ever buy whenever you need stand out among the crowd. The most expensive Monolos are the Blixa alligator and retails at about $ 4,800 in most of the online retails that do sell them.

  1. Jimmy Choo 

Jimmy Choo top class brand shoes are among the favorite of the Hollywood’s elite. This makes them frequently choice for Red Carpet walking in style. You will see most of the celebrities wearing Jimmy Choos shoes brand in most of the red carpet shoes. This makes it one of the best high heel shoe brand that you can wear when you need to improve your class and style. They retail at $3,785 in most of the online retail shops.

  1. Christian Louboutin 

Christian Louboutin are famous their stylish and iconic red soles with groundbreaking high heels. This has made the brand one of the famous for those people who want to walk on the red carpet. The most expensive type of Christian Louboutin is the 2013 collection called Sexy Strass that sells at $3,095 in most of the shopping outlets.


  1. Walter Steiger 

Walter Steiger is a colorful and unique shoe design, which comes with high quality for the celebrities. The brand is unique from its Curvy heels with a specialty design that would fit your nails well. Most of these shoes cost between $ 800 and $ 1,000 for those people who will buy them online. This shoe has been a big player in the Shoe Fashion industry due to high sales.

The above list are the top five shoes that have revolutionize the whole Shoe Fashion industry especially for those people who need class and style when choosing the best shoes for red carpet shows.…