The best invasive and non-invasive procedures for vaginal rejuvenation



None of us are immune to the passage of time, Sooner or later, it starts to affect our bodies, which slowly begin to show the marks and effects of aging. Aging affects our entire organisms and bodies, and, in the case of women, that is especially true when it comes to lady parts. Aging, and childbirth, unavoidably take their toll, leaving many women unhappy with the outcome. To battle this problem, a lot of women nowadays, have turned to medicine, specifically, vaginal and rejuvenecimiento vulvar procedures.

Thanks to some breakthroughs and innovations in recent years, medicine has reached a point where it can successfully deal with this challenge. Women have a vast number of options when it comes to choosing the best and most effective procedures for their needs. Generally speaking, they have a choice between less or non-invasive procedures, and some surgical, more invasive ones.

Lets start with the non-invasive ones

22nncsjshOne of the best, most popular and cheapest methods of vaginal rejuvenation, involves the use of the Shrink gel or cream. This is a 100% natural product, which can substantially improve a woman’s sex life. The market is filled with a plethora of different Shrink creams and gels, all of which are quite effective in bringing back sexual pleasures, for both women and their partners. A cream such as this works by substantially increasing the blood flow to the vagina, which results in an improved elasticity, enhanced sensitivity, and immediate constriction.

Another effective, non-invasive method is called the Labial Puff. Women who have gone through childbirth, or older women, usually experience a laxity of the labia. To alleviate this problem, many women have turned to using the Labial Puff, which is an injection of fat. The procedure itself is quite simple and completely non-invasive. The only prerequisite is the slight numbing of the targeted area.

When it comes to more invasive procedures, some of them are worth discussing. These surgeries are performed by resizing the lips of the vulva, or through an internal alteration of the vagina. Depending on the case, a doctor may propose a single one or a combination of the following surgeries and procedures.


One of the most common and widely performed surgical procedures is Vaginoplasty. This process is specifically designed to deal with the issue of relaxed muscles, caused by childbirth. With the help of this procedure, the vaginal muscles can regain their tightness, and the vagina becomes less in size, thanks to the removal of an excess vaginal lining.


Is also a very popular procedure, which is considered as a more cosmetic one than surgical. The goal of this process is to reduce the labia minora or the labia majora. This is accomplished by shrinking or evening out labia, which might have gotten uneven, elongated, or stretched due to age or childbirth. The procedure itself is quite short and simple and is performed with a laser, which is used to remove the excess tissue.


33nkjgdjoFor women who start experiencing weakness in their perineum, experts usually recommend a procedure called Perineoplasty. That weakness often comes as a result of childbirth. During the birth, the Perineum, which is a small muscle, situated between the vagina and the anus, can sometimes suffer damage, causing weakness and other issues, such as unpleasant aesthetic appearance, or a lack of sensation. By repairing and strengthening the damaged Perineum muscle, Perineoplasty can actually eliminate the issues mentioned above.

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