Tips for your first piercing

Piercings have been in the world for a long time, the history of piercing started from 5000 years ago, we’ve talked with several piercers to ask if there are any after-care tips for your first piercing. If you are staying or at the United Kingdom and going to get yourself a new piercing, try piercing shops near me, they provide the best assistance and consultation regarding the best-priced piercing shop near you. And now, onto the after-care tips for your ears.

Don’t touch your ears

Your first earring might be itchy for you, and if you touch them carelessly, it might lead to infection. Do not touch them unless you are going to clean them and if you are going to get in contact with your piercings, wash your hands with an antibacterial soap to ensure that you’re free from dirt and bacteria.

Clean often

Never skip your cleaning routine, especially on your first week. Dirt and germs could stick to your ears a lot easier, so you have to make sure you disinfect your ears and your earring every day.
Tip: even if shampoo or soap that gets into your earring, you still have to disinfect it, as harsh chemicals could lead your ear to an infection.


Avoid items that could snag your earring

asdasdasdBe mindful of scarves, hats, and even a hood that could snag your earrings. Snagged earrings could cause a torn earlobe, which will earn you a trip to the doctor’s office, and no one wants that.
Tip: be careful when you’re removing your clothes, as the fabric could snag your piercings.

Sleep on your back

If you sleep with your ear against the pillow, it could cause a lot of pain while irritating your ear as well. If you can’t sleep on your back, make sure your pillowcase is clean.
Tip: changing your pillowcase could be a hassle, you can use a clean t-shirt that you can replace every night.

Check for symptoms

If you feel any pain, swelling or maybe some redness on your ear, seek the nearest doctor immediately. Remove your earrings if instructed, your health is more important than your aesthetic values.
Tip: always follow your ear piercing aftercare instructions to prevent your ear from getting an infection

We have listed these few simple tips for your first piercing, make sure you do it and you wont’ be seeing the doctor’s office for a long time, enjoy your new earrings!asdjlskjd

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